Out of Breath

A documentary by Stéphane Bergmans, Pauline Beugnies, Stéphanie Brumat, Benjamin Colaux, Jean-Baptiste Dumont, Coline Grando, Charlotte Grégoire, Olivier Magis, Anne Schiltz, Juan Sepulchre, Sébastien Wielemans and Christopher Yates, 152', 2023


In March 2020, a Brussels-based collective of filmmakers began Skype conversations with eight frontline carers, mobilised in the face of the Covid pandemic. As the months go by, their voices are freed. Weakened, these workers share their commitment, their suffering and their struggle. The film highlights a failing care system, whose deterioration is mirrored by their growing weariness.


  • Maurine Awouters
  • Kenneth Coenye
  • Mathilde Dumont
  • Laureine Gordeniaux
  • Mathieu Heymans
  • Eric Karels
  • Laura Nicaise
  • Hizia Sellami

Awards / Festivals

  • Magritte du Cinéma (Belgique, 2024) - Pré-sélection dans la catégorie "Meilleur documentaire"
  • Millenium Documentary Film Festival (Belgium, 2023) - Best Belgian Documentary Award
  • Jean Rouch Ethnography Festival (France, 2023) - Living Heritage Award